Antonio Frizziero

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The design, implementation, evaluation, interpretation and report of research is a key important for the science. The research required minimize the uncertainty, therefore we encourage all authors of respect how much can possible the contents in this official editorial also in order to stimulate interest and debate about constructive change in the use of(More)
BACKGROUND Flexed posture commonly increases with age and is related to musculoskeletal impairment and reduced physical performance. The purpose of this clinical study was to systematically compare the effects of a physical activity program that specifically address the flexed posture that marks a certain percentage of elderly individuals with a non(More)
Little is known about tendons and tenocyte biological behaviour during aging and, especially, oestrogen deficiency. The aim of this study was to evaluate in vitro the proliferation and metabolism of tenocytes isolated from the Achilles tendons of ovariectomised (OVX), middle-aged (OLD) and young (YOUNG) rats. An in vitro model of micro-wound healing was(More)
BACKGROUND Different conditions may alter tendon characteristics. Clinical evidence suggests that tendon injuries are more frequent in athletes that change type, intensity and duration of training. Aim of the study was the assessment of training and especially detraining on the patellar tendon (PT) and its enthesis. METHODS 27 male adult Sprague-Dawley(More)
BACKGROUND Our purpose was to record the incidence of heterotopic ossification (HO) following hip replacement by different variables to identify patient groups that are likely to develop HO in the absence of a prophylactic protocol. METHODS Radiographically, we studied 651 patients having undergone hip joint replacement, evaluating three kinds of(More)
INTRODUCTION Several conditions such as training, aging, estrogen deficiency and drugs could affect the biological and anatomo-physiological characteristics of the tendon. Additionally, recent preclinical and clinical studies examined the effect of detraining on tendon, showing alterations in its structure and morphology and in tenocyte mechanobiology.(More)
Muscle injuries are frequent in athletes. Despite their high incidence, advances in clinical diagnostic criteria and imaging, their optimal management and rehabilitation strategies are still debated in literature. Furthermore, reinjury rate is high after a muscle lesion, and an improper treatment or an early return to sports can increase the rate of(More)
None of us gambles, but we did exactly that when, some four years ago, we decided that the time was ripe to start I.S.Mu.L.T., the Italian Society of Muscles , Tendons and Ligaments. I.S.Mu.L.T. aims to involve in its activities all professionals undertaking basic and clinical research, and conservative, surgical and rehabilitative care of muscle, ligament(More)
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