Antonio Fioravanti

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The finding of a functional program for any kind of building involves a great amount of knowledge about the behavior of future building users. This knowledge can be gathered by looking at relevant building literature (Adler, 1999; Neufert and Neufert, 2000) or by investigating the actual processes taking place in similar environments, the latter being(More)
Building is one ofthe most widespread human activities, as it involves a far greater number of people and professional profiles than all other industries and absorbs about half of world energyconsumption. Its multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary naturemakes thed esign-construction process, as well as the building product,increasingly complex. It is thus(More)
The architectural design business is marked by a progressive increase in operators all cooperating towards the realization of building structures and complex infrastructures (Jenckes, 1997). This type of design implies the simultaneous activity of specialists in different fields, often working a considerable distance apart, on increasingly distributed(More)
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