Antonio Ferrándiz-Colmeiro

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This paper presents a proposal enabling the modelling of manufacturing processes independently of the structure and composition of the industrial plant where these processes will ultimately be implemented. The rationale for the proposal is in the incorporation of knowledge, supported by ontologies regarding manufacturing processes, industrial machinery and(More)
This paper proposesa process management system that enables new dynamic manufacturing models to be implemented. This system facilitates the automation of process modelling, thus reducing the workload for process engineers. To this end, it focuses on the incorporation of knowledge in the definition of the processes and services involved. The document(More)
Cloud Agile Manufacturing is a new paradigm proposed in this article. The main objective of Cloud Agile Manufacturing is to offer industrial production systems as a service. Thus users can access any functionality available in the cloud of manufacturing (process design, production, management, business integration, factories virtualization, etc.) without(More)
The maturity of IT, in conjunction with certain modern theories about Business Processes Management (BPM), has propitiated an appropriate scenario for meeting the needs of new business models, which are increasingly centred on mass customization. Integration solutions provided within the framework of manufacturing organisations have opened up a wide range(More)
The importance of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in all areas of human activity in today’s world is an indisputable fact. In the last years, there has been an exponential increase of the use of these technologies within the society, from its professional use in enterprises and organizations to its personal use in playful and everyday(More)
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