Antonio Fernández López

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The use of magnetic ac susceptibility measurements of biological tissues in the quantitative determination of their particulate magnetic carrier content has been investigated. In a first step, an ad hoc series of agar dilutions of the superparamagnetic contrast agent Endorem, used as an example of magnetic carrier, has been characterized to determine the(More)
Substituted imidazolinones containing heterocyclic carboxylic acids as substituents and possessing herbicidal properties were synthesized by cyclization of 2-amino-2,3-dimethylbutyramide with heterocyclic ethyl dicarboxylates under mild conditions. The use of NaH as base leads to a significant increase in the reaction rate and allows the preparation of the(More)
Measurements of dry deposition velocities for ozone and aerosol particles has been measured over a pine forest in the south-west of France by the eddy correlation method. Low frequency fluctuations in the variations of scalars can introduce erroneous values of vertical fluxes for ozone and aerosol particles but also, in some cases of low wind, for momentum(More)
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