Antonio Fasano

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In this paper, we develop solutions for the loading of digital subscriber loop (DSL) multicarrier (MC) systems that present constraints both on overall available energy and maximum energy per carrier. In the emerging G.DMT-based systems planned for high-throughput multimedia applications, the constraint on the peak-energy arises from spectral compatibility(More)
In this paper, the evolution of a tumour cord after treatment is investigated by extensive numerical simulations on the basis of a mathematical model developed by Bertuzzi et al. (submitted). The model is formulated in cylindrical symmetry adopting the continuum approach, and takes into account the influence of oxygen level on the proliferation and death(More)
Although commonly related to nutrient deprivation, the cause of the formation of the necrotic core in the multicellular tumour spheroids is still a controversial issue. We propose a simple model for the cell ATP production that assumes glucose and lactate as the only fuel substrates, and describes the main reactions occurring in the glycolytic and the(More)
This work is concerned with a reaction-diffusion system that has been proposed as a model to describe acid-mediated cancer invasion. More precisely, we consider the properties of travelling waves that can be supported by such a system, and show that a rich variety of wave propagation dynamics, both fast and slow, is compatible with the model. In particular,(More)
The baseline wander is a low frequency additive noise partially overlapping the band of ECG signal. This makes its removal difficult without affecting the ECG. In this work we propose a novel approach to baseline wander estimation and removal based on the notion of quadratic variation. The quadratic variation is a suitable index of variability for vectors(More)
In this short contribution, quickly computable upper and lower bounds are presented on the symmetric capacity of flatfaded Rice and Nakagami channels with side information (SI) for data-transmissions via finite-size quadrature amplitude modulation (QAM) constellations. The proposed bounds exhibit the appealing feature to be tight and asymptotically exact(More)
A mathematical model is developed that describes the proliferative behaviour at the stationary state of the cell population within a tumour cord, i.e. in a cylindrical arrangement of tumour cells growing around a blood vessel and surrounded by necrosis. The model, that represents the tumour cord as a continuum, accounts for the migration of cells from the(More)
Trace-orthogonality is an important property of linear space-time encoders that has emerged relatively recently. In this work we carry out the theoretical performance analysis of a low complexity decoder for trace-orthogonal space-time codes based on the linear MMSE estimator. We derive the diversity order of such a decoder in the case of MIMO systems(More)