Antonio F. Galvao

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This paper proposes a quantile regression estimator for a panel data model with interactive effects potentially correlated with the independent variables. We provide conditions under which the slope parameter estimator is asymptotically Gaussian. Monte Carlo studies are carried out to investigate the finite sample performance of the proposed method in(More)
This paper derives tests for skewness and kurtosis for the one-way error components model. The test statistics are based on the between and within transformations of pooled OLS residuals, and are derived in a conditional moments framework. We derive the limiting distribution of the test statistics for panels with large cross-sectional and fixed time-series(More)
Introduction Sperm DNA integrity is a crucial paternal factor affecting fertilization and pregnancy rates, as well as embryo development. Case The present case report describes the successful pregnancy after testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) combined with intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) (TESA-ICSI) in a couple where the male presented high sperm(More)
  • Isil Erel, Yeejin Jang, Michael S Weisbach, Heitor Almeida, Bo Becker, Murillo Campello +10 others
  • 2012
Managers often claim that an important source of value in acquisitions is the acquiring firm's ability to finance investments for the target firm. This claim implies that targets are financially constrained prior to being acquired and that these constraints are eased following the acquisition. We evaluate these predictions on a sample of 5,187 European(More)
This paper studies the estimation of quantile regression panel duration models. We allow for the possibility of endogenous covariates and correlated individual effects in the quantile regression models. We propose a quantile regression approach for panel duration models under conditionally independent censoring. The procedure involves minimizing ℓ 1 convex(More)
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