Antonio F. Galvao

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Using the college admissions model of Hickman (2010), I study the implications of Affirmative Action (AA) in US college admissions for student academic achievement (prior to college) and college placement outcomes. I argue that the competition among high-school students for college seats is similar to a multi-object all-pay auction. The link to auctions(More)
  • Martin Eduardo Lopez Daneri, Lopez Daneri, Martin Eduardo, Martin Eduardo Lopez, Daneri, Gustavo Jaime Ventura +4 others
  • 2016
1 ABSTRACT I study the role of heterogeneity and idiosyncratic risk in Macroeconomics, and their implications on problems of income taxation. In the first chapter, I study the effects of redistributive taxation in an incomplete market economy with heterogeneous agents and idiosyncratic risk. I focus on the role of distortions in labor supply decisions and(More)
This paper derives tests for skewness and kurtosis for the one-way error components model. The test statistics are based on the between and within transformations of pooled OLS residuals, and are derived in a conditional moments framework. We derive the limiting distribution of the test statistics for panels with large cross-sectional and fixed time-series(More)
This paper studies identification, estimation and inference of general unconditional treatment effects models with continuous treatment under the ignorability assumption. We show identification of the parameters of interest, the dose-response functions, under the assumption that selection to treatment is based on observables. We propose a semi-parametric(More)
We describe different procedures to deal with measurement error in linear models, and assess their performance in finite samples using Monte Carlo simulations, and data on corporate investment. We consider the standard instrumental variables approach proposed by Griliches and Hausman (1986) as extended by Biorn (2000) [OLS-IV], the Arellano and Bond (1991)(More)
This paper develops a uniform test of linearity against thresholds effects in the quantile regression framework. The test is based on the supremum of the Wald process over the space of quantile and threshold parameters. We establish the asymptotic null distribution of the test statistic for stationary weakly dependent processes, and propose a simulation(More)
Their guidance and blessings helped me learn and do quality research. A special thanks to Alan Gelder for continuous feedback on my writing and work. My other friends and collegues including, but not limited more who helped me while working on my thesis. iii ABSTRACT Using a three-essay approach, I focus on two issues related to the labor market: the effect(More)
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