Antonio Doménech

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2,4,6-Triphenylpyrylium ion immobilized inside the supercages of zeolite Y enhances by 1-2 orders of magnitude the response of electrochemical oxidation of dopamine in neutral aqueous media accompanied by a remarkable inhibition of post-electron-transfer reactions. The negative charge of the zeolite framework in which the 2,4,6-triphenylpyrylium ion is(More)
The crystal structure of a binuclear Mn(III) complex of a scorpiand-like ligand (L) displays an unsupported single oxo bridging ligand with a Mn(III)-O-Mn(III) angle of 174.7°. Magnetic susceptibility measurements indicate strong antiferromagnetic coupling between the two metal centers. DFT calculations have been carried out to understand the magnetic(More)
An in situ technique for layer-by-layer electrochemical analysis of solid surfaces using the voltammetry of microparticles is presented. The method is based on the determination of several shape-dependent parameters for voltammetric curves recorded at a graphite pencil working electrode in contact with the sample, all immersed into aqueous electrolytes.(More)
A procedure to analyze pH-dependent complex formation equilibria from cyclic voltammetry is described. Application to adduct formation equilibria between [Fe(CN)(6)](4-) and [Fe(CN)(6)](3-) with different polyammonium receptors is discussed. Extension to the interaction of substrates such as ATP, NAD(+), NADP(+), and carboxylate ions with these receptors by(More)
Electrochemical discrimination between dopamine and psychotropic drugs which have in common a skeletal structure of phenethylamine, can be obtained using acyclic receptors L(1) and L(2), containing two terminal 3-alkoxy-5-nitroindazole rings. Upon attachment to graphite electrodes, L(1) and L(2) exhibit a well-defined, essentially reversible solid state(More)
Synthetic tetragonal and monoclinic vanadium-doped zirconias (t- and m-VxZr1-xO2, 0.005 < x < 0.150) exert an effective catalytic effect toward the electrochemical oxidation of glucose in aqueous alkaline media. The catalytic effect of monoclinic specimens attached to carbon and fluorine-doped tin oxide electrodes exhibits a remarkable enantioselectivity,(More)
Manganese complexes of polyamines consisting of an aza-pyridinophane macrocyclic core functionalised with side chains containing quinoline or pyridine units have been characterised by a variety of solution techniques and single crystal x-ray diffraction. Some of these compounds have proved to display interesting antioxidant capabilities in vitro and in vivo(More)