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We study a relaxed formulation of the quasistatic evolution problem in the context of small strain associative elastoplasticity with softening. The relaxation takes place in spaces of generalized Young measures. The notion of solution is characterized by the following properties: global stability at each time and energy balance on each time interval. An(More)
In this paper some new tools for the study of evolution problems in the framework of Young measures are introduced. A suitable notion of time-dependent system of generalized Young measures is defined, which allows to extend the classical notions of total variation and absolute continuity with respect to time, as well as the notion of time derivative. The(More)
High-speed packet networks will begin to support services that need Quality-of-Service (QoS) guarantees. Guaranteeing QoS typically translates to reserving resources for the duration of a call. We propose a state-dependent routing scheme that builds on any base state-independent routing scheme, by routing flows which are blocked on their primary paths (as(More)
Swimming, i.e., being able to advance in the absence of external forces by performing cyclic shape changes, is particularly demanding at low Reynolds numbers. This is the regime of interest for microorganisms and micro-or nano-robots. We focus in this paper on a simple yet representative example: the three-sphere swimmer of Najafi and Golestanian [16]. For(More)
We present a theory for low-Reynolds-number axisymmetric swimmers and a general strategy for the computation of strokes of maximal efficiency. An explicit equation characterizing optimal strokes is derived, and numerical strategies to obtain solutions are discussed. The merits of this approach are demonstrated by applying it to two concrete examples: the(More)
Growing networks of actin fibers are able to organize into compact, stiff two-dimensional structures inside lamellipodia of crawling cells. We put forward the hypothesis that the growing actin network is a critically self-organized system, in which long-range mechanical stresses arising from the interaction with the plasma membrane provide the selective(More)