Antonio Díaz Caballero

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It is well established that schizophrenia is associated with difficulties in recognizing facial emotional expressions, but few studies have reported the presence of this deficit among their unaffected relatives. This study attempts to add new evidence of familial association on an emotional expression processing test. The study evaluated the performance of(More)
Pseudomonas putida JLR11 releases nitrogen from the 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) ring as nitrite or ammonium. These processes can occur simultaneously, as shown by the observation that a nasB mutant impaired in the reduction of nitrite to ammonium grew at a slower rate than the parental strain. Nitrogen from TNT is assimilated via the glutamine(More)
The biogenesis of the polar flagellum of Caulobacter crescentus is regulated by the cell cycle as well as by a trans-acting regulatory hierarchy that functions to couple flagellum assembly to gene expression. The assembly of early flagellar structures (MS ring, switch, and flagellum-specific secretory system) is required for the transcription of class III(More)
Insulin-like peptides (ILPs) play highly conserved roles in development and physiology. Most animal genomes encode multiple ILPs. Here we identify mechanisms for how the forty Caenorhabditis elegans ILPs coordinate diverse processes, including development, reproduction, longevity and several specific stress responses. Our systematic studies identify an(More)
The impairment of the Trail Making Test (TMT) performance as a measure of executive function deficits has been found both in patients with schizophrenia and in their unaffected first-degree relatives, suggesting that it might be considered as a familial vulnerability marker, but its heritability estimates are not well known. This study investigated the(More)
The present study compares the occurrence of depressive symptoms evaluated by the Calgary Depression Scale for Schizophrenia (CDSS) in patients of Multiplex (MS) and Simplex Schizophrenia families (SS). The Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) was used to evaluate psychopathology. A total of 206 paranoid schizophrenia patients were studied according(More)
Quantitative imaging has become a vital technique in biological discovery and clinical diagnostics; a plethora of tools have recently been developed to enable new and accelerated forms of biological investigation. Increasingly, the capacity for high-throughput experimentation provided by new imaging modalities, contrast techniques, microscopy tools,(More)
A test paper for high-selectivity detecting Hg 2+ ions in mixed acetonitrile-water solutions has been achieved using a bis(ferrocenyl) azine, as chromogenic chemosensor molecule, and a solid cellulose fibre, as a substrate. Depending on the amount of mercury ions in contact with the detecting molecule a spectacular color change in the cellulose indicator is(More)
We report the draft genome sequence of Pseudomonas putida JLR11, a facultative anaerobic bacterium that has been studied in detail for its capacity to use the explosive 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) as a nitrogen source. The sequence confirms the mechanisms used by this versatile strain to reduce and assimilate nitrogen from TNT.