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The sperm protein associated with the nucleus in the X chromosome (SPANX) gene family encode for proteins that are not only expressed in germ cells, but also in a number of tumors. In addition, SPANX genes map in an interval of the X chromosome (namely, Xq27), which has been found to be associated with familial prostate cancer by linkage analysis. The aim(More)
In [10,11], PELCR has been introduced as an implementation derived from the Geometry of Interaction in order to perform virtual reduction on parallel/distributed computing systems. In this paper we provide an extension of PELCR with computational effects based on directed virtual reduction [2], namely a restriction of virtual reduction [3], which is a(More)
The goal of this survey is to explain how to use reciprocity laws to compute residues. We will concentrate on the case of cubic, quartic and octic residues and in these cases we will describe algorithms which are analogues of the classical recursive algorithm for computing Jabobi symbols. We will illustrate implementations of these algorithms comparing(More)
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