Antonio Congiusta

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Data mining algorithms are widely used today for the analysis of large corporate and scientific datasets stored in databases and data archives. Industry, science, and commerce fields often need to analyze very large datasets maintained over geographically distributed sites by using the computational power of distributed and parallel systems. The grid can(More)
The continuous increase of data volumes available from many sources raises new challenges for their effective understanding. Knowledge discovery in large data repositories involves processes and activities that are computational intensive, col-laborative, and distributed in nature. The Grid is a profitable infrastructure that can be effectively exploited(More)
Today a large number of scientific and commercial applications often require to analyse large data sets maintained over geographically distributed sites by using the computational power of distributed high-performance environments. Advances in networking technology and computational infrastructure made it possible to construct large-scale distributed(More)
The increasing use of computers in all the areas of human activities is resulting in huge collections of digital data. Databases are common everywhere and are used as repositories of every kind of data. Knowledge discovery techniques and tools are used today to analyze those very large data sets to identify interesting patterns and trends in them. When data(More)
The European Union CoreGRID project aims at encouraging collaboration among european research institutes. One target of such project is the design of an innovative Grid Infrastructure architecture, specifically addressing two challenging aspects of such entity: scalability and security. This paper outlines the results of such activity, ideally extending the(More)
The Grid is mainly used today for supporting high-performance compute intensive applications. However, it is going to be effectively exploited for deploying data-driven and knowledge discovery applications. To support these classes of applications, high-level tools and services are vital. The Knowledge Grid is a high-level system for providing Grid-based(More)