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Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease results in >19 million deaths annually, and coronary heart disease accounts for the majority of this toll. Despite major advances in treatment of coronary heart disease patients, a large number of victims of the disease who are apparently healthy die suddenly without prior symptoms. Available screening and diagnostic(More)
BACKGROUND We report the 5-year results of the SYNTAX trial, which compared coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG) with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) for the treatment of patients with left main coronary disease or three-vessel disease, to confirm findings at 1 and 3 years. METHODS The randomised, clinical SYNTAX trial with nested(More)
BACKGROUND Early clinical studies demonstrated the feasibility of local paclitaxel delivery in reducing restenosis after treatment of de novo coronary lesions in small patient populations. METHODS AND RESULTS We conducted a randomized, double-blind trial of 536 patients at 38 medical centers evaluating slow-release (SR) and moderate-release (MR)(More)
BACKGROUND A sirolimus-eluting stent (Cypher, Cordis Corp) has been reported to markedly decrease restenosis in selected lesions; higher-risk lesions, including coronary bifurcations, have not been studied. METHODS AND RESULTS This prospective study evaluated the safety and efficacy of sirolimus-eluting stents for treatment of coronary bifurcation(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to assess anticoagulation with the direct thrombin inhibitor bivalirudin during percutaneous coronary intervention in individuals with moderate and high-risk acute coronary syndromes. METHODS 13,819 individuals in the Acute Catheterization and Urgent Intervention Triage strategy (ACUITY) trial were prospectively(More)
AIMS Long-term randomized comparisons of percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) to coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) in left main coronary (LM) disease and/or three-vessel disease (3VD) patients have been limited. This analysis compares 3-year outcomes in LM and/or 3VD patients treated with CABG or PCI with TAXUS Express stents. METHODS AND RESULTS(More)
incidence and epidemiology Endometrial cancer is the most common malignancy of the female genital tract in the world and the seventh most common cause of death from cancer in women in western Europe. Every year 7406 new cases are registered in the UK, 88 068 in the European Union and 40 102 in North America. More than 90% of cases occur in women older than(More)
R emarkable progress in the percutaneous management of coronary artery disease has been achieved over the last decade. The scaffolding properties of coronary stents have resulted in percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) becoming a predictable procedure, with reduced rates of acute closure and late restenosis compared with balloon angioplasty alone. 1,2(More)
AIMS Contrast media (CM) induce a direct toxic effect on renal tubular cells. This toxic effect may have a role in the pathophysiology of contrast nephropathy. METHODS AND RESULTS We evaluated (i) the cytotoxicity of CM [both low-osmolality (LOCM) and iso-osmolality (IOCM)], of iodine alone, and of an hyperosmolar solution (mannitol 8%) on human embryonic(More)
AIMS The paucity of evidences about the long-term durability of currently available transcatheter prostheses is one of the main issues of transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI). We sought to assess 3-year clinical and echocardiographic outcomes of patients undergoing TAVI with the third generation CoreValve prosthesis (Medtronic Incorporation, MN,(More)