Antonio Colmenar

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—until a few decades ago, face to face classrooms and hand-on laboratories were the common solution for teaching theory and practice. But, new e-Learning tools have emerged and learning methodologies such as blended and distance learning have taken an important space in learning initiatives. Among them are virtual and remote Labs which provide student with(More)
The Project MOSAICLearning tries to alleviate the high economic cost derived from the examinations in a distance university, allowing by a side the remote examination using biometric and security techniques, and by another one a better control from access to the examination classrooms by means intelligent RFID tags.
This paper presents a novel methodology for assessing islanding microgrids from the economical and functional perspective, for various stakeholders. The paper proposes the triggers for competitive deployment of microgeneration, storage, microgrid islanding, the market conditions that apply, and discusses the future tendencies and the policy recommendations(More)
The goal of the research is to assess the minimum requirement of fast charging infrastructure to allow country-wide interurban electric vehicle (EV) mobility. Charging times comparable to fueling times in conventional internal combustion vehicles are nowadays feasible, given the current availability of fast charging technologies. The main contribution of(More)
Electric power losses are constantly present during the service life of wind farms and must be considered in the calculation of the income arising from selling the produced electricity. It is typical to estimate the electrical losses in the design stage as those occurring when the wind farm operates at rated power, nevertheless, it is necessary to determine(More)