Antonio Colmenar

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 Distance teaching and learning involve some definite problems. One of them has to deal with the loneliness that the student faces and that he has to assume the whole responsibility of the learning process. This requires considerable motivation and a strong tendency to exert himself. The CAEE workgroup in the Electric Engineering and Computer Department of(More)
—until a few decades ago, face to face classrooms and hand-on laboratories were the common solution for teaching theory and practice. But, new e-Learning tools have emerged and learning methodologies such as blended and distance learning have taken an important space in learning initiatives. Among them are virtual and remote Labs which provide student with(More)
The Project MOSAICLearning tries to alleviate the high economic cost derived from the examinations in a distance university, allowing by a side the remote examination using biometric and security techniques, and by another one a better control from access to the examination classrooms by means intelligent RFID tags.
Nowadays there are a great number of universities and organizations working on developing virtual labs. These virtual labs allow students to carry out their experiments and acquire practical knowledge. At the same time these universities are using one or several learning management systems that allow professors to display and organize theoretical content. A(More)
The present paper introduces the creation of an interactive system for university environments based on personalization of services thanks to radio frequency identification (RFID). The described system is a mosaic application that integrates different services that will allow identifying and locating students and teachers in some areas of a Faculty or(More)