Antonio Collado Romacho

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The most severe cases of arachnidism are those due to Latrodectus tredecimguttatus spider-bite. The Mediterranean area is the habitat of the L. tredecimguttatus species. In the last few years no series of patients with latrodectism has been reported in Spain. A retrospective study of the patients admitted for L. tredecimguttatus spider bite in the(More)
Nocardiosis is an opportunistic infection that usually arises in immunodepressed patients. Cases in immunocompetent patients are uncommon. We report a 53-year-old woman diagnosed as having Nocardia sp. endocarditis in a native mitral valve, which required valve replacement.
Pigmented villonodular synovitis (PSV) rarely involves more than one joint, and its occurrence in children is uncommon. One case of PSV with polyarticular involvement in a child is presented, and the differential diagnoses with other polyarthritis are offered. Synovial biopsy of both knees at different ages showed the presence of PSV in a fourteen years old(More)
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