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The description of a gesture requires temporal analysis of values generated by input sensors and does not fit well the observer pattern traditionally used by frameworks to handle user input. The current solution is to embed particular gesture-based interactions, such as pinch-to-zoom, into frameworks by notifying when a whole gesture is detected. This(More)
The C++ language has only a limited runtime type information system , which doesn't provide full reflection capabilities. We present a general mechanism to support reflection, exploiting template metaprogramming techniques. Two solutions are presented: a static one where metaclass information is only available at compile time to produce class specific code;(More)
" Computers are useless: they can only give answers " – Pablo Picasso – Abstract PiQASso is a Question Answering system based on a combination of modern IR techniques and a series of semantic filters for selecting paragraphs containing a justifiable answer. Semantic filtering is based on several NLP tools, including a dependency-based parser, a POS tagger,(More)
Gestural interfaces allow complex manipulative interactions that are hardly manageable using traditional event handlers. Indeed, such kind of interaction has longer duration in time than that carried out in form-based user interfaces, and often it is important to provide users with intermediate feedback during the gesture performance. Therefore, the gesture(More)
We present a framework for code generation that allows programs to manipulate and generate code at the source level while the joining and splicing of executable code is carried out automatically at the intermediate code/VM level. The framework introduces a data type Code to represent code fragments: methods/operators from this class are used to reify a(More)
This paper describes our experience in the simulation of humanoid soccer robots using two general purposes 3D simulators, namely USARSim and Microsoft Robotics Studio. We address the problem of the simulation of a soccer match among two teams of small humanoid robots in the RoboCup Soccer Kid-Size Humanoid competitions. The paper reports the implementation(More)
Reflective programming is becoming popular due to the increasing set of dynamic services provided by execution environments like JVM and CLR. With custom attributes Microsoft introduced an extensible model of reflection for CLR: they can be used as additional decorations on element declarations. The same notion has been introduced in Java 1.5. The(More)
—The optimization of in vitro cell culture for tissue engineering , pharmacological, or metabolic studies requires a large number of experiments to be performed under varying conditions. In this paper, we describe a high-throughput bioreactor system that allows the conduction of parallel experiments in a simulated in vivo-like environment. Our bioreactors(More)