Antonio Cetronio

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This paper reports the performance of a two-stage X-Band MMIC GaN HPA designed for radar applications. At 20V drain voltage bias and 3dB compression point the HPA delivers more than 20W of pulsed RF power with a PAE of 35% over the 8–10.5GHz frequency range, whereas at Vds=35V the MMIC provides more than 50W and 30% of PAE, with a peak power(More)
In this paper design, fabrication and test of three X-Band robust LNA MMICs in microstrip GaN technology are presented to better understand the key aspects of performance versus robustness trade-off for said components. In particular LNAs with different number of amplification stages, input device gate peripheries and topologies have been evaluated with the(More)
A new self-consistent dynamic electro-thermal model for power HBTs is presented coupling a circuit-oriented electrical model, fitted on experimental data, with a full frequency domain thermal model. The thermal model provides the exact frequency behaviour of the device thermal impedance through a quasi-3D approach. The electro-thermal self-consistent(More)
The development of a single bias S-band MMIC HPA designed for radar T/R module applications is reported. The chip was fabricated with a low-cost 0.5µm GaAs PHEMT process and is composed of two stages, with a final stage of 29 mm gate-width periphery. The MMIC power amplifier is designed by using a zero gate bias configuration and therefore is(More)
In this paper the design, fabrication and test of X-band and 2-18 GHz wideband high power SPDT MMIC switches in microstrip GaN technology are presented. Such switches have demonstrated state-of-the-art performances. In particular the X-band switch exhibits 1 dB insertion loss, better than 37 dB isolation and a power handling capability at 9 GHz of better(More)
In this paper a first iteration design, fabrication and test of a two-stage X-Band MMIC HPA in micro-strip AlGaN/GaN technology is reported. With 20 V drain voltage operating bias point, at 3 dB compression point, the HPA delivers a pulsed output power ranging from 21 to 28.5 W, an associated gain from 12.9 to 16.5 dB and an associated PAE from circa 30% to(More)
This paper presents two MMIC broadband high power amplifiers of 4 mm of periphery at the output stage in the frequency band 2-6 GHz. The amplifiers are based on Al-GaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) technology on SiC substrate. They have been fabricated in two different european foundries: SELEX Sistemi Integrati and QINETIQ. SELEX has a gate(More)
This paper presents the results obtained both by experimental measurements and numerical simulations carried out on state-of-the-art Field-Plated GaAs-based pHEMTs. The effect of field-plate length on DC and RF operation of pHEMTs will be discussed showing that the adoption of an optimal field-plate structure can significantly boost the device RF power(More)
In this article the design, fabrication and test of X-band and 2-18 GHz wideband high power SPDT MMIC switches in GaN technology are presented. Said switches have demonstrated state-of-the-art performance and RF fabrication yields better than 65%. In particular the X-band switch exhibits an on-state power handling capability of better than 37 dBm at the 1(More)