Antonio Cetronio

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Several groups have demonstrated nitride-based High Electron Mobility Transistors with excellent rf output power, with a constant increase in performances. However, despite the large efforts spent in the last few years, and the progress in MTTF (Mean Time To Failure) values, reliability of GaN HEMTs (High Electron Mobility Transistors) and MMICs (Millimeter(More)
In this article the design, fabrication and test of X-band and 2-18 GHz wideband high power SPDT MMIC switches in GaN technology are presented. Said switches have demonstrated state-of-the-art performance and RF fabrication yields better than 65%. In particular the X-band switch exhibits an on-state power handling capability of better than 37 dBm at the 1(More)
In this paper design, fabrication and test of three X-Band robust LNA MMICs in microstrip GaN technology are presented to better understand the key aspects of performance versus robustness trade-off for said components. In particular LNAs with different number of amplification stages, input device gate peripheries and topologies have been evaluated with the(More)
This paper presents the results of the development of 2&#x2013;6 GHz broadband high-power amplifiers (HPA) within the 1<sup>st</sup> iteration of the European Korrigan project. The HPAs were fabricated using AlGaN/GaN high electronic mobility transistors (HEMT) and monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC) technology. Two microstrip HPAs with(More)
In this paper a procedure to extract temperature dependent equivalent circuits for modeling the small and large signal behavior of GaN HEMTs is presented. The technique explained in this work uses pulsed I-V measurements to obtain the temperature dependence of the parameters describing the nonlinear drain current source behavior. The equivalent circuits(More)
In this paper the design, fabrication and test of X-band and 2-18 GHz wideband high power SPDT MMIC switches in microstrip GaN technology are presented. Such switches have demonstrated state-of-the-art performances. In particular the X-band switch exhibits 1 dB insertion loss, better than 37 dB isolation and a power handling capability at 9 GHz of better(More)
The development of a single bias S-band MMIC HPA designed for radar T/R module applications is reported. The chip was fabricated with a low-cost 0.5&#x00B5;m GaAs PHEMT process and is composed of two stages, with a final stage of 29 mm gate-width periphery. The MMIC power amplifier is designed by using a zero gate bias configuration and therefore is(More)
This paper reports the performance of a two-stage X-Band MMIC GaN HPA designed for radar applications. At 20V drain voltage bias and 3dB compression point the HPA delivers more than 20W of pulsed RF power with a PAE of 35% over the 8&#x2013;10.5GHz frequency range, whereas at Vds&#x003D;35V the MMIC provides more than 50W and 30% of PAE, with a peak power(More)
In this paper a first iteration design, fabrication and test of a two-stage X-Band MMIC HPA in micro-strip AlGaN/GaN technology is reported. With 20 V drain voltage operating bias point, at 3 dB compression point, the HPA delivers a pulsed output power ranging from 21 to 28.5 W, an associated gain from 12.9 to 16.5 dB and an associated PAE from circa 30% to(More)
One of the main expected benefits of AlGaN HEMT technology for microwave applications is related to the higher operating bias voltage achievable with these devices. However, various technological issues, concerning material properties and device technology must be properly tailored to fully exploit the potential of that kind of devices. In this work we(More)