Antonio Castelo

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In this work we address the problem of computing point-based surface approximations from point clouds. Our approach is based on recently presented methods that define the approximated surface as the set of stationary points for an operator that projects points in the space onto the surface. We present a novel projection operator that differs from the(More)
Point-based models are gaining lately considerable attention as an alternative to traditional surface meshes. In this context, Point Set Surfaces (PSS) were proposed as a modeling and rendering method with important topological and approximation properties. However, ray-tracing PSS is computationally expensive. Therefore, we propose an interactive(More)
Implicit surface reconstruction from unorganized point sets has been recently approached with methods based on multi-level partition of unity. We improve this approach by addressing local approximation robustness and iso-surface extraction issues. Our method relies on the J A 1 triangu-lation to perform both the spatial subdivision and the iso-surface(More)