Antonio Casas

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Pollination biology, breeding system, and floral phenology of the columnar cactus Stenocereus stellatus were studied in wild, wild managed in situ and cultivated populations of central Mexico, in order to examine whether these aspects have been modified under domestication and whether they determine reproductive barriers between wild and manipulated(More)
Morphological variation was analyzed in wild, managed in situ, and cultivated populations of the columnar cactus Stenocereus stellatus in central Mexico. The purpose was to evaluate whether morphological divergence between manipulated and wild populations has resulted from domestication processes. Variation of 23 morphological characters was analyzed among(More)
The presence of heavy metals in big game meat may pose a risk to human health. The main objective of this paper is to carry out a risk assessment study (using a probabilistic and point-estimate approach) of lead intake by consumption of red deer and wild boar meat in Southern Spain based on Spanish data collected in the period 2003-2006. In general, the(More)
The prevalence of and the antibiotic resistance shown by Salmonella isolated from pigs in Andalusia (southern Spain) is reported. Salmonella enterica was recovered from 40 (33%) of 121 sampled herds, and a total of 65 isolates were serotyped. The most common Salmonella serotypes were Typhimurium and Rissen (30.7% each); others included Derby (9.2%),(More)
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