Antonio Carrieri

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A new series of 6-substituted 2-aminobenzothiazole derivatives were synthesized and screened in vitro as potential antimicrobials. Almost all the compounds showed antifungal activity. In particular, compounds 1n,o, designed on the basis of molecular modeling studies, were the best of the series, showing MIC values of 4-8 μg/mL against Candida albicans,(More)
Some studies, suggesting the involvement of I(2)-imidazoline binding sites (I(2)-IBS) in morphine analgesia modulation, prompted us to examine on mice antinociceptive assays the effect produced by 1 (phenyzoline), that in view of its high I(2)-IBS affinity and high I(2)-IBS selectivity with regard to I(1)-IBS, alpha(2)-adrenoreceptors and mu-opioid(More)
Alpidem analogues containing a GABA (1-3) or glycine (4-6) moiety were synthesized and their interaction with the GABA/benzodiazepine receptor complex at central (CBR) and peripheral (PBR) level was evaluated. In particular, their ability to modulate the specific binding of [3H]-GABA to washed membrane preparations from the rat cerebral cortex, as well as(More)
This article describes the construction and validation of a three-dimensional model of the human CCR5 receptor using a homology-based approach starting from the X-ray structure of the bovine rhodopsin receptor. The reliability of the model is assessed through molecular dynamics and docking simulations using both natural agonists and a synthetic antagonist.(More)
A) The target structures were first superposed onto the crystallographic query using PARAFIT (based on shape only with expansion order set to 15). B) Local properties (MEP, IEL, EAL and POL) were then evaluated for each superposition (point evaluation) thus yielding 5 property based score including shape. C) A genetic algorithm was used to identify(More)
The goal of the present paper is to establish and validate the link between cancer diagnosis and therapy by microRNAs detection. The induction in vitro of some specific microRNAs after treatment with MDR ligands has been outlined. Starting from the results obtained by in vitro induction of MDCK and MDCK-MDR1 cells treated by a MDR1 ligand, a new scenario in(More)
Interest in the inhibitors of type-B monoamine oxidase has grown in recent years, due to the evidence for multiple roles of one such agent (selegiline) in the pharmacological management of neurodegenerative disorders. A set of 130 reversible and selective inhibitors of MAO-B (including tetrazole, oxadiazolone, and oxadiazinone derivatives) were taken from(More)
The involvement of the serotonin 5-HT1A receptor (5-HT1A -R) in the antidepressant effect of allyphenyline and its analogues indicates that ligands bearing the 2-substituted imidazoline nucleus as a structural motif interact with 5-HT1A -R. Therefore, we examined the 5-HT1A -R profile of several imidazoline molecules endowed with a common scaffold(More)
The title compound, C24H25NO3·2CH3OH, which crystallized as a methanol disolvate, has applications as a PET radiotracer in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. The dihedral angle between the biphenyl rings is 8.2 (2)° and the heterocyclic ring adopts a half-chair conformation with the N atom adopting a pyramidal geometry (bond-angle sum = 327.6°).(More)