Antonio Carlos Pires Carvalho

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INTRODUCTION Paraneoplastic necrotizing myopathy is a rare disorder, described as a proximal, symmetrical, and rapidly progressing myopathy that is manifested as a paraneoplastic syndrome. Diagnosis is established via histological examination of the muscle biopsy. CASE PRESENTATION We present the case of a 53-year-old woman, born in Guinea-Bissau, with a(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship between two year PSA nadir (PSAn) after brachytherapy and biochemical recurrence rates in prostate cancer patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS In the period from January 1998 to August 2007, 120 patients were treated with iodine-125 brachytherapy alone. The results analysis was based on the definition of biochemical(More)
The recent development of high-frequency ultrasound, associated with the improved sensitivity in color Doppler, enabled the identification of various skin structures and layers. In basal cell carcinoma, the 22 MHz frequency ultrasound permits the delimitation of tumor margins, while color Doppler, determines its vascularization. We present two cases in(More)
This research aims to examine the presence of osteophyte in patients with arthrogenic temporomandibular disorders through magnetic resonance imaging (MRI); to investigate the influence of sex and clinical symptoms in its prevalence; and the position of the osteophytes in the condyle. The study was based on 100 MRI and on reports of patients, which(More)
Ultrasonography is a method of imaging that classically is used in dermatology to study changes in the hypoderma, as nodules and infectious and inflammatory processes. The introduction of high frequency and resolution equipments enabled the observation of superficial structures, allowing differentiation between skin layers and providing details for the(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop, validate, and patent a Restraining Device for Small Animal Imaging Exams (RDSAIE) that allows exams to be comfortably conducted without risks to animals and professionals. METHODS A RDSAIE with a mobile cover and shelf was built with transparent acrylic material. A total of six anesthetized rabbits were used to perform the following(More)
The present essay is aimed at getting the radiologist familiar with the basic histological skin structure, allowing for a better correlation with sonographic findings. A high-frequency (22 MHz) ultrasonography apparatus was utilized in the present study. The histological analysis was performed after the skin specimens fixation with formalin, inclusion in(More)
Ear acupuncture works by reducing painful sensations with analgesic effect through microsystem therapy and has been demonstrated to be as effective as conventional therapies in the control of facial pain. This clinical trial aimed to evaluate the adjuvant action of auricular acupuncture through an observation of the evolution of temporomandibular and(More)
BACKGROUND The uncoordinated activity of the superior and inferior parts of the lateral pterygoid muscle (LPM) has been suggested to be one of the causes of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disc displacement. A therapy for this muscle disorder is the injection of botulinum toxin (BTX), of the LPM. However, there is a potential risk of side effects with the(More)