Antonio Carlos Francesconi do Valle

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F. Francesconi, MD A.C. Francesconi do Valle, MD, PhD M.T.T. Silva, MD, PhD R.L.B. Costa, MD, MSc E. Carregal, MD S. Talhari, MD, PhD Neurologic manifestations of paracoccidioidomycosis are uncommon. Generally, these are characterized by headache, seizures, or focal neurologic deficits due to a focal brain lesion. We describe a patient with subacute(More)
BACKGROUND Chromoblastomycosis (CBM) is a chronic subcutaneous mycosis caused by dematiaceous fungi. METHODS We described epidemiological data, clinical presentation, and treatment of 18 cases of CBM diagnosed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Diagnosis was obtained by mycological, histopathological findings demonstrating typical muriform cells with confirmation(More)
An 18-year-old, HIV-negative, male patient was admitted to the hospital complaining of non-quantified weight loss and abdominal pain over a 3 month period. Physical findings included disseminated cutaneous lesions and paraparesis of the lower extremities. Diagnosis of acute paracoccidioidomycosis was confirmed through KOH (potassium hydroxide) direct(More)
BACKGROUND Paracoccidioidomycosis (PCM) is a systemic mycosis caused by pathogenic dimorphic fungi of the genus Paracoccidioides. It is the most important systemic mycosis in Latin America and the leading cause of hospitalizations and death among them in Brazil. Acute PCM is less frequent but relevant because vulnerable young patients are affected and the(More)
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