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Liposuction through an axillary incision is used to treat pseudogynecomastia and true gynecomastia. It avoids the large undermining between the skin and the muscular plane that frequently occurs with usual procedures. When true gynecomastia is present, liposuction can be combined with an inferior periareolar incision for resection of the remaining glandular(More)
Two-fusiform plications are recommended for contouring the abdomen to produce a slimmer waistline in abdominoplasty, rather than the classical median xiphoid-pubic fusiform plication. This procedure was accomplished in 11 patients. After the dermoadipose flap was undermined, two fusiform shapes were marked at the transition of the sheaths of the rectus(More)
Breast augmentation was performed on nine female volunteer patients to determine the influence of three textured surfaces on fibrous capsule formation. The high degree of surface texture reduced the capsular fibrous tissue formation. Patients were distributed according to the degree of texture created by the open-pore diameter and depth of the surface(More)
The difficulty in determining how much skin must be resected to achieve an adequate forehead and eyebrow lift through the coronal approach led the author to search for another forehead rhytidoplasty procedure. The endoscopic approach yields a natural lift of the eyebrows without skin excision through a minimal incision. It has been useful for patients who(More)
The musculoaponeurotic system that performs mime for the upper third of the face is composed of the subcutaneous fascia and the occipitofrontalis, corrugator supercilii, and procerus muscles. Perfect understanding of the activity of these muscles provides for correction of horizontal furrows on the forehead, horizontal lines on the root of the nose, and(More)
Supported by anatomical principles, a subgaleal endoscopically assisted selective myotomy of the forehead and glabellar muscles was used to achieve eyebrow symmetry in patients with unilateral facial nerve palsy and associated forehead soft-tissue injuries. Selective myotomy equalizes the agonist-antagonist muscle relationship on both sides of the forehead,(More)
Endoscopic forehead surgery in a subgaleal plane allows selective manipulation of the forehead and glabellar muscles in accordance with their influence in forehead and brow deformity. Myotomy begins by interrupting the blend of the fibers of the elevator and depressor muscles, thereby exposing the bone fixation and cutaneous insertions of the depressor(More)
H-shaped, double-contour plication, by reducing the longitudinal and transverse abdominal diameters, improves the waistline and reinforces the entire anterior abdominal wall, with better accommodation of the cutaneous flap. The decrease in the longitudinal diameter allows lowering and fixation of the cutaneous flap without tension.