Antonio Campos-Sánchez

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BACKGROUND The students' motivation to learn basic sciences in health science curricula is poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of different components of motivation (intrinsic motivation, self-determination, self-efficacy and extrinsic -career and grade- motivation) on learning human histology in health science(More)
Two questionnaires were used to investigate students' perceptions of their motivation to opt for reception learning (RL) or self-discovery learning (SDL) in histology and their choices of complementary learning strategies (CLS). The results demonstrated that the motivation to attend RL sessions was higher than the motivation to attend SDL to gain new(More)
Videos can be used as didactic tools for self-learning under several circumstances, including those cases in which students are responsible for the development of this resource as an audiovisual notebook. We compared students' and teachers' perceptions regarding the main features that an audiovisual notebook should include. Four questionnaires with items(More)
Microteaching is a didactc tool of recent applicaton to undergraduate and postgraduate students as a way to promote self-learning. In this work we compared the perceptons of the students who provide instructon in tssue engineering using microteaching and the perceptons of the same students when they receive such instructons. Two similar questonnaires with(More)
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