Antonio Caiazzo

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The geographic distribution of health status across Italian regions shows a North-South gradient, with better conditions in the North for both males and females. Using data from the 2000 National Health Interview Survey, the authors first analyze the geographic variation in subjective health and presence of chronic conditions, with specific attention to the(More)
Socioeconomic inequality and its impact on health is a growing concern in the European public health debate. In many countries, the issue is moving away from description towards the identification of the determinants of inequalities and the development of policies explicitly aimed at reducing inequalities in health. In Italy, ten years after the publication(More)
Transfer learning might be a promising approach to boost the learning of non-player characters' behaviors by exploiting some existing knowledge available from a different game. In this paper, we investigate how to transfer driving behaviors from The Open Racing Car Simulator (TORCS) to VDrift, which are two well known open-source racing games featuring(More)
We introduce and analytically study a generalized p-spin glasslike model that captures some of the main features of attractive glasses, recently found by mode coupling investigations, such as a glass-glass transition line and dynamical singularity points characterized by a logarithmic time dependence of the relaxation. The model also displays features not(More)
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