Antonio C. Zambroni de Souza

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|This paper discusses various methods based on network partitioning and voltage stability indices to accelerate the computation of voltage collapse points using continuation techniques. Partitioning methods derived from right eigenvector and tangent v ector information are thoroughly studied, identifying limitations and probable application areas; a mixed(More)
|The paper proposes a new test function to be used in an existent performance index for detection of proximity to a static voltage collapse point. This test function is based on a reduction of the load ow Jacobian with respect to the critical bus of a system. The test function is compared with known singular values and eigenvalues indices , and with other(More)
The paper presents a semi-passive UHF RFID tag chip developed to meet the restrictive requirements for Electronic Vehicle Identification application. The use of an external power supply allows the tag to achieve longer communication ranges even though additional features such as communication data encryption have been added. The system exploits(More)
This paper proposes several techniques for reducing the computational burden of tracing bifurcation diagrams in power systems with continuation methods. The rst technique described in the paper is an implementation of the fast-decoupled method in the predictor-corrector continuation algorithm. The other proposed techniques consist on reducing the system(More)
This paper proposes a novel energy based technique called the Robustness Area (RA) technique that measures power system robustness levels, as a helper for planning Power System Restorations (PSRs). The motivation is on account of the latest blackouts in Brazil, where the local Independent System Operator (ISO) encountered difficulties related to circuit(More)
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