Antonio C. S. Lima

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In an exclusive measurement of the reaction gammad-->K(+)K(-)pn, a narrow peak that can be attributed to an exotic baryon with strangeness S=+1 is seen in the K(+)n invariant mass spectrum. The peak is at 1.542+/-0.005 GeV/c(2) with a measured width of 0.021 GeV/c(2) FWHM, which is largely determined by experimental mass resolution. The statistical(More)
Beam-helicity asymmetries for the two-pion-photoproduction reaction gammap-->ppi(+)pi(-) have been studied for the first time in the resonance region for center-of-mass energies between 1.35 and 2.30 GeV. The experiment was performed at Jefferson Lab with the CEBAF Large Acceptance Spectrometer using circularly polarized tagged photons incident on an(More)
  • S Chen, H Avakian, +233 authors Z Zhao
  • 2006
The longitudinal target-spin asymmetry AUL for the exclusive electroproduction of high-energy photons was measured for the first time in ep-->e;'pgamma. The data have been accumulated at JLab with the CLAS spectrometer using 5.7 GeV electrons and a longitudinally polarized NH3 target. A significant azimuthal angular dependence was observed, resulting from(More)
One of the most challenging points in the simulation of power system transients is the modeling of frequency dependent impedances or admittances and their inclusion in the simulation environment. Highly accurate models can be identified via rational function approximations in the frequency domain, for instance by Vector Fitting. One way of including the(More)
After a severe disturbance due to an insulation failure in a transmission line, the precise fault location is a critical problem for the maintenance crew. In order to avoid further economical and social costs, fault diagnosis has to be performed as soon as possible. Fault diagnosis has been a major area of investigation among power system problems and(More)
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