Antonio C Pavão

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We performed electric arc discharges in pure Si to generate luminous balls with lifetime in the order of seconds and several properties usually reported for natural ball lightning. This simple experiment does not rely on energy sources and excitation mechanisms that are improbable in the natural phenomenon and clearly demonstrates the role of vaporization(More)
The aim of the present study was to investigate the carcinogenic potential of endosulfan and its metabolites through electronic parameters that characterize the action of carcinogens, i.e. descriptors such as electron affinity, Δ (HOMO-LUMO), dipole moments, electrostatic attraction, formation heat (H(f)) and permeability of the cell membrane (c Log P). The(More)
The infrared spectrum of water observed in sunspots is complex and dense, with bands separated by approximately 0.01 cm-1. For top asymmetrical molecules, there is no theoretical approach that allows for the calculation of rotovibrational energy with such precision. Experimentally derived rotovibracional energy levels of water at high temperatures combined(More)
The resonating valence bond theory, emphasizing unsynchronized resonance and metallic orbitals, introduced by Pauling 50 years ago, has become an easily visualized tool for describing some electron transfer processes. It has yielded simple, qualitative and useful descriptions of a wide variety of phenomena including the stability and geometry of molecules,(More)
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