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During development, extracellular signaling molecules interact with intracellular gene networks to control the specification, pattern and size of organs. One such signaling molecule is Hedgehog (Hh). Hh is known to act as a morphogen, instructing different fates depending on the distance to its source. However, how Hh, when signaling across a cell field,(More)
We analyze a distributed information network in which each node has access to the information contained in a limited set of nodes (its neighborhood) at a given time. A collective computation is carried out in which each node calculates a value that implies all information contained in the network (in our case, the average value of a variable that can take(More)
Extended Abstract Gene regulatory networks set a second order approximation to genetics understanding, where the first order is the knowledge at the single gene activity level. With the increasing number of sequenced genomes, including human's, the time has come to investigate the interactions among myriads of genes that result into complex behaviours. The(More)
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