Antonio Brugos

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Objective To develop a classifier that tackles the problem of determining the risk of a patient of suffering from a cardiovascular disease within the next ten years. The system has to provide both a diagnosis and an interpretable model explaining the decision. In this way, doctors are able to analyse the usefulness of the information given by the system.(More)
BACKGROUND To quantify the incidence of flu in different groups of the population of Navarra in the 2004-2005 season, and to evaluate the effectiveness of anti-flu vaccination. METHODS The analysis of influenza cases in the system of compulsory notificable diseases was complemented by the individualised notifications in the network of sentinel doctors(More)
BACKGROUND In January 2005 the Government of Navarre approved the "Care Program for Persons with Severe Mental Disorder" (PA-TMG). This article is intended to ascertain the opinion of experts regarding the PA-TMG. To identify the elements of agreement in the evaluation of positive aspects and aspects that can be improved. To make recommendations on the(More)
In this contribution, we use Fuzzy Rule-Based Classification Systems for classifying the patients with respect to the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases. Specifically, we use a methodology in which the linguistic labels of the classifier are modeled by means of IVFSs. Thereafter, they are genetically post-processed for tuning the amplitude of the(More)
BACKGROUND The quality of services in a health system is related to the level of satisfaction of its professionals. The aim of this article is to determine job satisfaction in primary care professionals and rank those factors capable of improving it. METHODOLOGY Descriptive study carried out in Navarre in 2010. A validated questionnaire was sent by post(More)
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