Antonio Bosnjak

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This paper proposes an innovation in the application for image guided surgery using a comparative study of three different method of segmentation. This segmentation method is faster than the manual segmentation of images, with the advantage that it allows to use the same patient as anatomical reference, which has more precision than a generic atlas. This(More)
This paper proposes a new technique for 3D motion estimation of the left ventricle from a sequence of a heartbeat. Accurate motion estimation of the movement of cardiac walls has been shown to be very important for studying the cardiovascular illnesses. This technique is based on a processing chain from the acquisition to the 3D segmentation of the left(More)
A contour-based automatic recognition system was applied to classify intraductal breast carcinoma into high nuclear grade and low nuclear grade in a digitized histologic image. The image discriminating characteristics were selected by their invariability condition to rotation and translation. They were acquired from cellular contours information. The(More)
In this work a comparative study of some methods of Left Ventricle segmentation in echocardiographic images is developed. The project is developed in four modules denominated: Acquisition, Segmentation, 3D Reconstruction, and VRML Visualization. 1) The images acquisition of volume sequences of the left ventricle was obtained during an echocardiographic(More)
This paper addresses the processing and reconstruction of the heart from echocardiographics images. This work is divided into two processing chains: reconstructionvisualization, each one of them is divided in several modules denominated as: 3D Acquisition, 3D Filtration, 3D Segmentation, 3D Reconstruction, 3D Modeling and 3D Visualization. The second(More)
The use of wearable dry sensors for recording long term ECG signals is a requirement for certain studies of heart rhythm. Knowledge of the skin-electrode electrical performance of dry electrodes is necessary when seeking to improve various processing stages for signal quality enhancement. In this paper, methods for the assessment of dry skin-electrode(More)
This paper presents a new development of an automated system for: stimulation, acquisition and the pupilar image processing (it includes segmentation and visualization in real time), issued from the fhoto-motor and consensual response of the iris. The physician can observe in the system interface: a graphic representation of the variation and change of(More)
This paper proposes a new segmentation method for the echocardiogaphic images based on data fusion theory. This proposal consists on a data fusion system with two inputs: The “A” input corresponds to the gradient image after having made the pre-processing links to the acquisition, filtering and interpolation. The “B” input corresponds a parametric equation(More)
This work presents a new segmentation method of volumetric echocardiographic images, using a 3D front propagation initialized as a small sphere that grows until arriving to the walls of the left ventricle (LV), adjusting the parameters to the model. The project is developed in three modules denominated: Acquisition, Segmentation and Visualization. 1) The(More)
This paper presents a new methodology for the analysis of echocardiographic image sequences. The echocardiographic medical exam is a frequent practice in the cardiology clinic, and generally there is bi-dimensional echocardiographic equipment. We have developed a new processing chain that will allow a medical diagnosis issued from a 3D reconstruction of the(More)