Antonio Bianchi

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The design of the Android system allows applications to load additional code from external sources at runtime. On the one hand, malware can use this capability to add malicious functionality after it has been inspected by an application store or anti-virus engine at installation time. On the other hand, developers of benign applications can inadvertently(More)
Mobile applications are part of the everyday lives of billions of people, who often trust them with sensitive information. These users identify the currently focused app solely by its visual appearance, since the GUIs of the most popular mobile OSes do not show any trusted indication of the app origin. In this paper, we analyze in detail the many ways in(More)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI) may be associated with impairment of pituitary hormone secretion, which may contribute to long-term physical, cognitive, and psychological disability. We studied the occurrence and risk factors of pituitary dysfunction, including growth hormone deficiency (GHD) in 50 patients (mean age 37.6 +/- 2.4 years; 40 males, age 20-60(More)
The presence of bacteria in a deep clay sediment was analyzed in a 20-m-long core horizontally drilled from a mine gallery at a depth of 224 m in the Boom clay formation (Mol, Belgium). This clay deposit is the result of a marine sedimentary process that occurred 35 million years ago. Bacterial activities were estimated by measuring respiration on(More)
The low percentage of living bacteria commonly obtained when comparing viable counts with total direct counts in seawater could be due more to inappropriate techniques for appreciating the growth ability of living cells than to unadapted culture conditions. The most-probable-number counts in filtered seawater cultures and the microscopic counts of(More)
A wealth of recent research proposes static data flow analysis for the security analysis of Android applications. One of the building blocks that these analysis systems rely upon is the computation of a precise control flow graph. The callback mechanism provided and orchestrated by the Android framework makes the correct generation of the control flow graph(More)
The lucrative rewards of security penetrations into large organizations have motivated the development and use of many sophisticated rootkit techniques to maintain an attacker's presence on a compromised system. Due to the evasive nature of such infections, detecting these rootkit infestations is a problem facing modern organizations. While many approaches(More)
To protect Android users, researchers have been analyzing unknown, potentially-malicious applications by using systems based on emulators, such as the Google's Bouncer and Andrubis. Emulators are the go-to choice because of their convenience: they can scale horizontally over multiple hosts, and can be reverted to a known, clean state in a matter of seconds.(More)
Android is the most popular mobile platform today, and it is also the mobile operating system that is most heavily targeted by malware. Existing static analyses are effective in detecting the presence of most malicious code and unwanted information flows. However, certain types of malice are very difficult to capture explicitly by modeling permission sets,(More)
CONTEXT In acromegaly, a discrepancy between what are defined as "normal" levels of GH and IGF-I for every given patient is observed in up to 35% of subjects at diagnosis and during the follow-up. OBJECTIVE The aim of the study was to evaluate the impact of GH receptor (GHR) polymorphism on the biochemical assessment of the treatment of acromegaly and on(More)