Antonio Bayes de Luna

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We studied the impact of various motor and nonmotor symptoms upon quality of life in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD). The study comprised 110 patients with PD (age: 68.6 years, course of the disease: 7.6 years). The Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS; I-IV) and Parkinson's Disease Questionnaire (PDQ-39) were recorded. We recorded the(More)
A new method is proposed to evaluate the dynamics of QT interval adaptation in response to heart rate (HR) changes. The method considers weighted averages of RR intervals (RR) preceding each cardiac beat to express RR interval history accounting for the influence on repolarization duration. A global optimization algorithm is used to determine the weight(More)
Recently, a new complexity measure, multiscale entropy (MSE), has been developed based on the quantification of heart rate fluctuations over a range of time scales. Here, we use the MSE algorithm to analyze the cardiac interbeat interval time series from patients with congestive heart failure (CHF) enrolled in the MUSIC study. Our hypothesis is that the(More)
Heart rate turbulence (HRT) is commonly assessed by two parameters: turbulence onset (TO) and turbulence slope (TS), both obtained by averaging RR tachograms following a ventricular premature beat (VPB). It has been recently shown that a model-based detection-theoretical approach results in HRT indices outperforming TO/TS in identifying the presence or(More)
UNLABELLED Imaging techniques play a key role in the management of patients with colorectal cancer. The introduction of new advanced anatomical, functional, and molecular imaging techniques may improve the assessment of diagnosis, prognosis, planning therapy, and assessment of response to treatment of these patients. Functional and molecular imaging(More)
The Shannon entropy theory was applied to the Choi-Williams time-frequency distribution (CWD) of cardiac time series (RR series) in order to extract entropy information in both time and frequency domains. From this distribution, four indexes were defined: (1) instantaneous partial entropy; (2) spectral partial entropy; (3) instantaneous complete entropy;(More)
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