Antonio Basílio de Miranda

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Researchers typically need to combine Bioinformatics processes to perform larger, more complex tasks, expressed as workflows. However, there is a strong indication from users that running complex workflows is an addition burden that must be alleviated. Motivated by this observation, this paper first introduces an ontology that defines classes and instances(More)
Leishmania major, Trypanosoma brucei, and Trypanosoma cruzi (Tritryps) are unicellular protozoa that cause leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness and Chagas' disease, respectively. Most drugs against them were discovered through the screening of large numbers of compounds against whole parasites. Nonhomologous isofunctional enzymes (NISEs) may present good(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis of the Bejing subtype (MtbB) is transmitted efficiently in high burden countries for this genotype. A higher virulence was associated with isolates of the "modern" Beijing genotype sub-lineages when compared to "ancient" ones. Here, we report the full genomes of the strain representing these two genotypes from Brazil, a country(More)
MOTIVATION Many analyses in modern biological research are based on comparisons between biological sequences, resulting in functional, evolutionary and structural inferences. When large numbers of sequences are compared, heuristics are often used resulting in a certain lack of accuracy. In order to improve and validate results of such comparisons, we have(More)
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