Antonio Basílio de Miranda

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Leishmaniasis is an infectious disease caused by Leishmania species. Leishmania amazonensis is a New World Leishmania species belonging to the Mexicana complex, which is able to cause all types of leishmaniasis infections. The L. amazonensis reference strain MHOM/BR/1973/M2269 was sequenced identifying 8,802 codifying sequences (CDS), most of them of(More)
PURPOSE To investigate the in vitro pH, osmolarity, spectral, and photostability properties of nine vital dyes for vitreoretinal surgery. METHODS Nine dyes-indocyanine green (ICG), trypan blue (TB), brilliant blue (BriB), bromophenol blue (BroB), Congo red (CR), light green (LG), fast green (FG), indigo carmine (IC) and Evans blue (EB)-diluted in three(More)
We report here on the characterization of a cDNA library from seeds of Jatropha curcas L. at three stages of fruit maturation before yellowing. We sequenced a total of 2200 clones and obtained a set of 931 non-redundant sequences (unigenes) after trimming and quality control, ie, 140 contigs and 791 singlets with PHRED quality ≥10. We found low levels of(More)
Previous reports have shown that heparin may promote human hypotension and vascular relaxation by elevation of NO levels through unclear mechanisms. We hypothesized that endothelial muscarinic M(3) receptor activation mediates the heparin-induced vasodilation of rat aortic rings. The experiments were carried out using unfractionated heparin extracted from(More)
For this report, we analyzed protein secondary structures in relation to the statistics of three nucleotide codon positions. The purpose of this investigation was to find which properties of the ribosome, tRNA or protein level, could explain the purine bias (Rrr) as it is observed in coding DNA. We found that the Rrr pattern is the consequence of a(More)
Leishmania major, Trypanosoma brucei, and Trypanosoma cruzi (Tritryps) are unicellular protozoa that cause leishmaniasis, sleeping sickness and Chagas' disease, respectively. Most drugs against them were discovered through the screening of large numbers of compounds against whole parasites. Nonhomologous isofunctional enzymes (NISEs) may present good(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis of the Bejing subtype (MtbB) is transmitted efficiently in high burden countries for this genotype. A higher virulence was associated with isolates of the "modern" Beijing genotype sub-lineages when compared to "ancient" ones. Here, we report the full genomes of the strain representing these two genotypes from Brazil, a country(More)
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