Antonio Barrientos Cruz

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BACKGROUND The conviction that postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy represent an acceptable standard of care for patients with Dukes' B (stage II) and Dukes' C (stage III) carcinoma of the rectum evolved in the absence of data from clinical trials designed to determine whether the addition of radiotherapy results in improved disease-free survival and(More)
This paper introduces the work developed by the authors in the study of tremor time series. First, it introduces a novel technique for the study of tremor. The technique presented is a high-resolution technique that solves most of limitations of the Fourier Analysis (the standard technique to the study of tremor time series). This technique was used for the(More)
Brain Computer Interface is an emerging technology that allows new output paths to communicate the user's intentions without use of normal output ways, such as muscles or nerves(Wolpaw, J. R.; et al., 2002). In order to obtain its objective BCI devices shall make use of classifier which translate the inputs provided by user's brain signal to commands for(More)
Brain Computer Interface is an emerging technology that allows new output paths to communicate the user's intentions without the use of normal output paths, such as muscles or nerves. In order to obtain their objective, BCI devices make use of classifiers which translate inputs from the user's brain signals into commands for external devices. This paper(More)
This paper analyzes the user's feedback influence in the mental task discrimination capability through the comparison of results obtained from Off-line and On-line Brain Computer Interface experimental procedures. Experiments performed under these two paradigms were carried out by five male volunteers. In order to develop a wearable BCI device only two(More)
Active materials are capable of responding in a controlled way to different external physical or chemical stimulus by changing some of their properties. These materials can be used to design and develop sensors, actuators and multifunctional systems with a large number of applications for developing medical devices (for both surgery and implants). On the(More)
In this paper a new open platform for experimentation in tele-manipulation tasks is presented. The main goal is to obtain an open system with several features in order to evaluate different factors like kinematics relations between master and slave, haptic feedback, bilateral control, communications bandwidth, man-machine interface with the operator, and(More)
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