Antonio Alonso-Ayuso

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We present a two-stage stochastic 0-1 modeling and a related algorithmic approach for Supply Chain Management under uncertainty, whose goal consists of determining the production topology, plant sizing, product selection, product allocation among plants and vendor selection for raw materials. The objective is the maximization of the expected benefit given(More)
We present a framework for solving multistage pure 0–1 programs for a widely used sequencing and scheduling problem with uncertainty in the objective function coefficients, the constraint matrix and the right-hand side. The problem has the following form: given a set of operations to be executed along a time horizon, find a schedule to minimize a function(More)
In this paper we address the problem of batching orders in a warehouse, with the objective of minimizing the total travel time. Order batching is an NP-hard optimization problem that is very difficult to solve exactly in practice. Thus, most implemented solutions are based on elementary heuristic methods that perform a relatively limited exploration of the(More)
Congestion problems are becoming increasingly acute in many European and American airports and air sectors. To protect Air Traffic Control (ATC) from overload a planning activity called Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) tries to anticipate and prevent overload and limit resulting delays. When the traffic expects to exceed the airport arrival and departure(More)
This paper tackles the collision-avoidance problem in air traffic management. The problem consists of deciding the best strategy for new aircraft configurations (velocity and altitude changes) such that all conflicts in the airspace, i.e., the loss of the minimum safety distance that has to be kept between two aircraft, are avoided. A mixed 0-1 linear(More)