Antonio A. O. Carneiro

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The strain image contrast of some in vivo breast lesions changes with increasing applied load. This change is attributed to differences in the nonlinear elastic properties of the constituent tissues suggesting some potential to help classify breast diseases by their nonlinear elastic properties. A phantom with inclusions and long-term stability is desired(More)
In this work, we present a numerical study of the use of reconfigurable arrays (RCA) for vibro-acoustography (VA) beam formation. A parametric study of the aperture selection, number of channels, number of elements, focal distance, and steering parameters is presented to show the feasibility and evaluate the performance of VA imaging based on RCA. The(More)
UNLABELLED Spatial orientation in relation to the gravitational axis is significantly important for the maintenance of the posture, gait and for most of the human's motor activities. The subjective visual vertical exam evaluates the individual's perception of vertical orientation. OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were (1) to develop a virtual system to(More)
PURPOSE Ultrasound neuromodulation is a promising noninvasive technique for controlling neural activity. Previous small animal studies suffered from low targeting specificity because of the low ultrasound frequencies (<690 kHz) used. In this study, the authors demonstrated the capability of focused ultrasound (FUS) neuromodulation in the megahertz-range to(More)
Chirp- and random-based coded excitation methods have been proposed to reduce standing wave formation and improve focusing of transcranial ultrasound. However, no clear evidence has been shown to support the benefits of these ultrasonic excitation sequences in vivo. This study evaluates the chirp and periodic selection of random frequency (PSRF)(More)
This research presents a methodology for the automatic detection and characterization of breast sonographic findings. We performed the tests in ultrasound images obtained from breast phantoms made of tissue mimicking material. When the results were considerable, we applied the same techniques to clinical examinations. The process was started employing(More)
Gastric emptying reflects a diversity of important physiological functions. Alternating current biosusceptometry (ACB) is an inexpensive, radiation-free, and minimally invasive method to evaluate gastric emptying, but its response depends on the spatial distribution of the magnetized material and does not provide precise anatomical information. The hybrid(More)
The acoustic radiation force has been used as the method to examine the physical properties of materials in several areas. Vibro-acoustography is an acoustic radiation force technique that is being used to perform analysis of mechanical properties of materials. In this application a focused acoustic modulated force excites target which vibrates at the(More)
Phantoms are important tools for image quality control and medical training. Many phantom materials have been proposed for ultrasound; most of them use water as the solvent, but these materials have disadvantages such as dehydration and low temporal stability if not properly stored. To overcome these difficulties, copolymer-in-oil gel was proposed as an(More)