Antonio A. O. Carneiro

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Quantification of liver iron concentration (LIC) is crucial in the management of patients suffering from certain pathologies that can produce iron overload, such as Cooley's anemia and hemochromatosis. All of these patients must control the level of iron deposits in their organs to avoid the toxicity of high LIC, which is potentially lethal. This paper(More)
UNLABELLED Spatial orientation in relation to the gravitational axis is significantly important for the maintenance of the posture, gait and for most of the human's motor activities. The subjective visual vertical exam evaluates the individual's perception of vertical orientation. OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were (1) to develop a virtual system to(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the multisegmental static postural balance of active eutrophic and obese elderly women using a three-dimensional system under different sensory conditions. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted on 31 elderly women (16 eutrophic and 15 obese) aged 65 to 75 years. The following anthropometric(More)
Using contrast agents is a common practice in medical imaging protocols. Paramagnetic properties of certain compounds present in contrast agents can affect magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) signals. For abdominal applications, they are usually injected, but may also be administered orally. However, their use as a routine technique is limited, mainly due to(More)
This research presents a methodology for the automatic detection and characterization of breast sonographic findings. We performed the tests in ultrasound images obtained from breast phantoms made of tissue mimicking material. When the results were considerable, we applied the same techniques to clinical examinations. The process was started employing(More)
The dynamic behavior of a rigid magnetic sphere induced by an acoustic radiation force was investigated. The sphere was suspended in water in a simple pendulum configuration. The drag force acting on the pendulum during its motion was considered to follow a modified Stokes law for a low Reynolds number, accounting for phenomena related to its oscillatory(More)
Among the few non-invasive methods to quantify liver iron deposits, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and biomagnetic liver susceptometry (BLS) have been considered the best to evaluate iron overload in the body. This diagnosis is necessary for patients who regularly receive red blood cells transfusion and that have a genetic disorder known as(More)
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