Antonino Santos

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One of the problems in the use of evolutionary computer systems in artistic tasks is the lack of artificial models of human critics. In this paper, based on the state of the art and on our previous related work, we propose a general architecture for an artificial art critic, and a strategy for the validation of this type of system. The architecture includes(More)
The lack of a social context is a drawback in current Interactive Evolutionary Computation systems. In application areas where cultural characteristics are particularly important, such as visual arts and music, this problem becomes more pressing. To address this issue, we analyze variants of the traditional Interactive Evolutionary Art approach – such as(More)
This paper presents the results of two experiments comparing the functioning of a computational system and a group of humans when performing tasks related to art and aesthetics. The first experiment consists of the identification of a painting, while the second one uses the Maitland Graves's aesthetic appreciation test. The proposed system employs a series(More)