Antonino Santoni

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The faint body image embedded into the Turin Shroud has not yet explained by science. We present experimental results of excimer laser irradiation (wavelengths 308 nm and 193 nm) of a raw linen fabric and of a linen cloth, seeking for a possible mechanism of image formation. We achieved a permanent coloration of both linens as a threshold effect of the(More)
A proposal is presented for exploiting the peculiarities of soft X-ray radiation produced by SPARX in the field of biological investigation by using single-shot contact microscopy and holography [1, 2] on an innovative imaging detector. Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation and soft X-rays (XUV) are currently used by physicists and biologists to obtain images(More)
We present a survey on five years of experiments of excimer laser irradiation of linen fabrics, seeking a coloration mechanism able to reproduce the microscopic complexity of the body image embedded onto the Shroud of Turin. We achieved a superficial, Shroud-like coloration in a narrow range of irradiation parameters. We also obtained latent coloration that(More)
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