Antonino Salibra

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A model of the untyped lambda calculus univocally induces a lambda theory (i.e., a congruence relation on &#955;-terms closed under &alpha;- and &#946;-conversion) through the kernel congruence relation of the interpretation function. A semantics of lambda calculus is <i>(equationally) incomplete</i> if there exists a lambda theory that is not induced by(More)
Scott's information systems provide a categorically equivalent, intensional description of Scott domains and continuous functions. Following a well established pattern in denotational semantics, we define a linear version of information systems, providing a model of intuitionistic linear logic (a new-Seely category), with a " set-theoretic " interpretation(More)
Lambda abstraction algebras (LAAs) are designed to algebraize the untyped lambda calculus in the same way cylindric and polyadic algebras algebraize the first-order predicate logic. Like combinatory algebras they can be defined by true identities and thus form a variety in the sense of universal algebra, but they differ from combinatory algebras in several(More)