Antonino S. Fiorillo

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In this paper we consider the problem of stabilizing a bilinear system via linear state feedback control. A procedure is proposed which, given a polytope V surrounding the origin of the state space, finds, if existing, a controller in the form u = Kx, such that the zero equilibrium point of the closed loop system is asymptotically stable and V is enclosed(More)
—A piezoresistive strain-gauge sensor, mounted in an array configuration, for the measurement of distributed pressures during robotic grasp applications is investigated. The prototype presented consists of a 16-element test cell connected to an electronic acquisition unit that also provides temperature compensation. The structure of the tactile sensor and(More)
— The design and development of bio-inspired ultrasonic systems particularly that of some species of bats, has received the most attention due to the potential benefit of application in the field of biomedical engineering and robotics. In this paper an ultrasonic based device for the emulation of bat's echo-location system, by means of piezo-polymer sensors(More)
GOAL Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease which is very common in the population and requires frequent clinical and pharmacological treatment. In the following, a study based on Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy analyzing saliva proteomic components in psoriatic patients against diabetic patients and a control group is presented. Clinical analysis(More)
Mammals such as rats and bats process high frequency ultrasound waves, through their acoustic nerves, by codifying acoustic signals by means of a complex biological neural network. Similarly, sonar systems based on piezoelectric polymers process ultrasounds in air which, properly elaborated and codified by an artificial neural network, are suitable for(More)
The development of innovative ultrasonic devices can open up new perspectives for navigation in unstructured environments. Recent literature reports much investigation carried out with the aim of improving the performance of the navigational capabilities of robots and the development of medical aids for people with disabilities. The aim of the present work(More)
The paper presents a continuous breathing pattern monitoring system using a piezoelectric transducer and low power CMOS integrated circuit. The system is compatible for being used as a wearable device around the chest using a belt. The piezoelectric sensor is a ferroelectric polymer which is a biocompatible material. The rest of the integrated circuit is(More)
In this paper we investigated neural activation by means of electrical impulses delivered along the auditory pathway in rats. The pulsed electrical signals, generated by a bio-inspired sonar system and processed by an electronic interface, were used to stimulate the amygdala, the inferior colliculus and the auditory cortex. We modulated the neural activity(More)
Zeolite porous films have been produced by spin coating deposition at low temperature according to a procedure fully compatible with integrated circuit technology. Optical polarization properties of the deposited film have been studied by the modulation-polarization spectroscopy technique. Low-dielectric properties and internal porosity structure of the(More)