Antonino Raucea

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This paper proposes a Lightweight version of the Precision Time Protocol, called L-PTP, for implementation on Powerline communication systems. The aim of this novel protocol is to reduce the number of messages exchanged to achieve synchronization, without penalizing its quality. L-PTP introduces several modifications to the original PTP and can be(More)
Handoff is defined as the phase during which a mobile node has a temporary connection loss during the transfer from one wireless communication cell to another one. As in industrial applications wireless networks are often used to connect mobile devices such as, robot, trolleys, conveyors, to a control station, handoff introduces a temporary interruption of(More)
This paper presents a motion capture system designed to detect and manage body motion, measuring some motion parameters, and providing a graphical reconstruction of the movement. This system can be used by a doctor to record some target body movements, which a patient can execute remotely at home. Such movements are later analyzed by the doctor who(More)
In this paper we address the problem of creating a remote testbed for distance learning. The area we focused on is the study of the problems involved in managing quality of service in networks for real-time applications, like those to be found in a factory, testing various ways of handling traffic in routers and controlling congestion. The testbed(More)
Interaction with appliances present in an environment can be difficult for people who have mobility problems (such as the elderly or moving out of a wheelchair). This paper presents an approach based on the use of an Inertial Measurement Unit which identifies human movements from two points of view: on the one hand, the user can specify the object with(More)
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