Antonino Petralia

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PALMFlexS, a prospective multicentre, open-label, 6-month, phase IIIb interventional study, explored tolerability, safety and treatment response in adults (n = 231) with non-acute but symptomatic schizophrenia switching to flexibly dosed paliperidone palmitate (PP) after unsuccessful treatment with risperidone long-acting injectable therapy (RLAT) or(More)
Modulation of endogenous cellular defense mechanisms via the vitagene system represents an innovative approach to therapeutic intervention in diseases causing chronic tissue damage, such as in neurodegeneration. The possibility of high-throughoutput screening using proteomic techniques, particularly redox proteomics, provide more comprehensive overview of(More)
The objective of this study was to evaluate the anxiolytic efficacy, and speed of onset of efficacy, of pregabalin (PGB) and venlafaxine-XR (VXR) in patients with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). In this double-blind trial, outpatients, ages 18-65 years, who met Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition, criteria for GAD were(More)
Increasing evidence supports the notion that oxidative stress-driven neuroinflammation is an early pathological feature in neurodegenerative diseases. As a prominent intracellular redox system involved in neuroprotection, the vitagene system is emerging as a potential neurohormetic target for novel cytoprotective interventions. Vitagenes encode for(More)
AIM To evaluate in a sample of college students alcohol consumption in relation with socio-demographic and psychopathological variables. METHODS The psychopathological variables have been investigated through the Self-Report Symptom Inventory-Revised (SCL-90-R), the levels of alcohol consumption through the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test(More)
High harmonic generation in gases is developing rapidly as a soft X-ray femtosecond light-source for applications. This requires control over all the harmonics characteristics and in particular, spatial properties have to be kept very good. In previous literature, measurements have always included several harmonics contrary to applications, especially(More)
AIM In the different psychiatric disorders the aggression often leads to uncontrolled events, taking aspects of impulsiveness and irrationality. Our research proposes the assessment of socio-demographic and clinical characteristics of patients with a psychiatric disorder, who presented an aggressive event. METHODS The observational study was conducted on(More)
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