Antonino Messina

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BACKGROUND The literature suggests that alexithymia is the result of individual differences and/or biological mechanisms. Both individual differences and disease mechanisms may play a role among individuals with medical or surgical conditions. The relative weight of clinical and individual differences factors related to alexithymia has not been studied in(More)
We propose a conditional scheme to generate entangled two-photon generalized binomial states inside two separate single-mode high-Q cavities. This scheme requires that the two cavities are initially prepared in entangled one-photon generalized binomial states and exploits the passage of two appropriately prepared two-level atoms one in each cavity. The(More)
While haloperidol represents the first-line treatment of delirium, some studies have shown that atypical antipsychotics could be used as an efficacious treatment in delirium management. This article reports a case of a delirious patient, treated effectively and quickly with Quetiapine sustained release with negligible side effects. 'If the patient is(More)