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Anna Maria Fogliani3
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3Anna Maria Fogliani
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An inverse correlation between social desirability and alexithymia has been observed in undergraduate students in Japan and Australia. It is not clear how this association is influenced by the personality dimension of neuroticism. This study examined the association of scores on social desirability with those on alexithymia controlled for neuroticism, in a(More)
While haloperidol represents the first-line treatment of delirium, some studies have shown that atypical antipsychotics could be used as an efficacious treatment in delirium management. This article reports a case of a delirious patient, treated effectively and quickly with Quetiapine sustained release with negligible side effects. 'If the patient is(More)
We propose a conditional scheme to generate entangled two-photon generalized binomial states inside two separate single-mode high-Q cavities. This scheme requires that the two cavities are initially prepared in entangled one-photon generalized binomial states and exploits the passage of two appropriately prepared two-level atoms one in each cavity. The(More)
A novel perturbative treatment of the time evolution operator of a quantum system is applied to the model describing a Raman-driven trapped ion in order to obtain a suitable 'effective model'. It is shown that the associated effective Hamiltonian describes the system dynamics up to a certain transformation which may be interpreted as a 'dyna-mical dressing'(More)
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