Antonino Di Caro

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Laboratory-acquired infections due to a variety of bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi have been described over the last century, and laboratory workers are at risk of exposure to these infectious agents. However, reporting laboratory-associated infections has been largely voluntary, and there is no way to determine the real number of people involved or(More)
  • C Nisii, Carla Nisii@inmi, +31 authors Ippolito G A
  • 2010
A case of dengue type 3 virus infection imported from In October 2009, a traveller returning from Africa to Italy was hospitalised with symptoms suggestive of a haemorrhagic fever of unknown origin. The patient was immediately placed in a special biocontainment unit until laboratory investigations confirmed the infection to be caused by a dengue serotype 3(More)
we decided to administer nonhyperim-mune IVIG in the face of a progressively worsening clinical status. Clinical improvement was rapid and constant during the course of treatment and resulted in almost complete recovery. We think that the benefit observed with IVIG treatment in this patient could have resulted from an immune-modulation effect—the same that(More)
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