Antonino Coppola

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Inadequate blood supply to tissues caused by obstruction of arterioles and/or capillaries results in ischemic injuries - these injuries can range from mild (eg, leg ischemia) to severe conditions (eg, myocardial infarction, stroke). Surgical and/or endovascular procedures provide cutting-edge treatment for patients with vascular disorders; however, a high(More)
INTRODUCTION Coronary flow velocity reserve (CFVR) is an important prognostic marker in patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD). Beta-blockers and ivabradine have been shown to improve CFVR in patients with stable CAD, but their effects were never compared. The aim of the current study was to compare the effects of bisoprolol and ivabradine on(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this research was to investigate relationships between cognitive function and non-invasive, repeatable cardiac parameters in elderly subjects suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) or Alzheimer's disease (AD). METHODS Two hundred and twenty-four community-living elderly subjects, 31 AD patients, 77 MCI patients, and 116(More)
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