Antonino Augugliaro

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The problem here dealt with is that of Service Restoration (SR) in automated distribution networks. In such networks, configuration and compensation level as well as loads insertion status can be remotely controlled. The considered SR problem should be handled using Multiobjective Optimization, MO, techniques since its solution requires a compromise between(More)
Keywords: Backward/forward method Radial and meshed distribution networks PV nodes Power flow a b s t r a c t A methodology for the analysis of radial or weakly meshed distribution systems supplying voltage dependent loads is here developed. The solution process is iterative and, at each step, loads are simulated by means of impedances. Therefore, at each(More)
In this paper, a new backward/forward (b/f) methodology for the analysis of distribution systems with constant power loads is presented. In the proposed method, at each iteration, the loads are considered as constant impedances; in the backward sweep all the network variables (bus voltages and branch currents) are evaluated considering a scaling factor(More)
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