Antonina Kloptchenko

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The message, stylistic focus, language and readability of financial reports are good indicators of the perspectives and developments of any company. These indicators can guide companiesʼ decision makers to more efficient actions in the dynamic business environment. In this paper, we have studied the language and contents of quarterly financial reports using(More)
Conferences on applied research require more complicated taxonomy than traditional organization of conferences by tracks. A topic of a paper, submitted to a conference on the applied research and the keywords, outlined by authors can be discussed in more than one proposed conference track. Sorting out the papers submitted to a scientific conference in the(More)
Reading manually annual and quarterly reports helps financial analysts and decision makers to judge companies' financial performance. Professionals infer from a report not only the current financial performance and strategic outlook of a company but also its prospective financial performance. They have insightful methods to find some intuitive indications(More)
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