Antonina I. Krutilina

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The nucleotide sequence of the BalI-PstI fragment of T5 DNA, 1347 bp in length, coding for 5'-exonuclease (D15 gene), has been determined. A coding region of the gene contains 873 bp and is preceded by a typical Shine-Dalgarno sequence. The D15 gene belongs to a cluster, consisting of at least 3 genes, in which a termination codon of a preceding gene(More)
The complete sequence of the 46,267 bp genome of the lytic bacteriophage tf specific to Pseudomonas putida PpG1 has been determined. The phage genome has two sets of convergently transcribed genes and 186 bp long direct terminal repeats. The overall genomic architecture of the tf phage is similar to that of the previously described Pseudomonas aeruginosa(More)
Primary structures of phage T5- and Escherichia coli-encoded tRNA(Phe) are distinct at four out of 11 positions known as identity elements for E. coli phenylalanyl-tRNA synthetase (FRS). In order to reveal structural requirements for FRS recognition, aminoacylation of wild-type phage T5 tRNA(Phe) gene transcript and mutants containing substitutions of the(More)
DNAs of lambda T4 recombinants 596-27 (genes 50-5), 596-30 (genes 50-8), 596-29 (genes 50-12), 591-16 (genes 6-8), 591-1 (genes 9-12), 596-13 (genes 13-16), 596-17 (genes 18-20) and 596-11 (genes 25-29) were mapped with the use of EcoRI, HindIII, SmaI, SalI and BamHI restriction enzymes. T4 dcDNA was digested with HindIII restriction endonuclease and(More)