Antonina Dos Santos

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In Brazil, due to its availability, sugar cane bagasse has a high potential for power generation. The knowledge of ignition behavior, as well as the knowledge of the chemical kinetics, in of fuels combustion process is important features in boilers projects and in the stability of the combustion process control. The aim of this study is to investigate the(More)
A framework antimony(III) phosphate: Synthesis and structure of NaSb3O2(PO4)2, " J. On the synthesis and characterization of open-framework antimony(III) diphosphonates, " Solid State Sciences 2, 119 (2000) Charge ordering in thin films of bilayered rare-earth manganates, " Intl.
The wide geographical distribution of the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus, results in a delay, with latitudinal decrease, in the larval season from spring to winter. Newly hatched larvae of the species may therefore be exposed to suboptimal levels or types of prey and face intermittent periods of starvation at low latitudes. This work investigated the(More)
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