Antonina A. Kiseleva

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Variability of heading date may assist in wheat adaptation to local environments. Thereafter, discovery of new heading date determinants is important for cereal improvement. In this study we used common wheat cultivar Chinese Spring (CS) and the substitution line of CS with 5B chromosome from T. dicoccoides (CS-5Bdic), different in their heading date by two(More)
Identification of genetic determinants that define different degrees of line sensitivity to the photoperiod was acomplished using near-isogenic lines of the soft hexaploid wheat Triticum aestivum L. using SSR markers and markers specific to the Vrn and Ppd genes. It was established that the Ppd-s line contains a dominant Ppd-D1a allele located on chromosome(More)
Like in the case of higher plants, algal growth and development are controlled by the hormonal regulatory system. Essentially all known phytohormones were identified in various algal taxa, and the range of their physiological activities was confirmed. At the same time, our knowledge of enzymes involved in the phytohormone synthesis in algae is rather(More)
The history of Norway spruce distribution in the East European Plain is discussed with regard to the results of the allele diversity survey of the mitochondrial Nad1 gene, which is maternally inherited, and the chloroplast trnT-trnF region, which is paternally inherited in spruce. The polymorphism of organelle DNAs was examined in 221 genotypes from 28(More)
Mutagenic activity of 3 samples of nickel-containing dusts was experimentally studied in white random-bred rats. Quantity of micronuclei in polychromatophilic erythrocytes of bone marrow smear depended on nickel dust content. Micronuclear test could be used as a rapid method for the determination of potential carcinogenic activity of polymetallic(More)
Photoperiod insensitive Ppd-1a alleles determine early flowering of wheat. Increased expression of homoeologous Ppd-D1a and Ppd-A1a result from deletions in the promoter region, and elevated expression of Ppd-B1a is determined by an increased copy number. In this study, using bread wheat cultivars Sonora and PSL2, which contrast in flowering time, and(More)